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How does Backtestking Work?

What happens when I turn the knobs?

A complex combination of settings is interpreted by our backtesting system.
We've eliminated a lot of complexity because we want the creation of your own bot to be a fun experience.
Please, don't be discouraged if you don't exactly know what you are doing. You might discover certain patterns that you would otherwise not find.

What is the meaning of the backtesting score?

It means how your bot should have performed when you had applied it a year, month, week or day ago.
Since markets change and your bot depends on historical data, there is no guarantee that it keeps showing a good performance in the future.

What can I do when I have a good backtesting score?

If you have a good accuracy, you can use the trading flags (BUY or SELL) of your strategy in real-time.
By selecting the "alarm" button on your dashboard, all future trading signals from your bot will be send to your email-address.
The idea is that a bot with a solid backtesting score can also be used for predicting future price movements. Please only use these signals in combination with your common sense and other trading tools.

What can I do when I don't have a good backtesting score?

You can try to be more methodological, for example by turning only one dial before hitting "test strategy" again.
If you are still not able to get a decent score, you can buy the rights to use a strategy from the highscores list.
This way you can learn from the pros and at the same time receive trading signals from professional bot-creators.
Backtestking is not in any way accountable for future performance of the bot.

So what's the catch?

Backtestking is free to use.
Users have a use-only right on their strategies.
All strategies created within Backtestking remain property of Backtestking.
When users decide to create a strategy in Backtestking, they agree with the Backtestking's right to resell that strategy.

Why can I only pay with Monero?

We at Backtestking are strong believers in crypto-currency.
Monero is the only crypto-currency with default privacy.
In public coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. people can create a full overview of all your transactions.
Monero provides its users with the concept of "plausible deniability".
This means, that you simply can not know the history of the coins that you receive.
Just like cash money.
Good law-abiding citizens should not become victims of law-investigation, when they accidentally receive coins that were obtained from criminal activities maybe 20 transactions ago.
This does not mean that there is absolutely no transparency possible.
With Monero, transparency is opt-in, not by default.
But don't take our word for it, see for yourself on the Monero official site.

Are there any mobile wallets for Monero?

Sure, and some of them have exchange features as well. View the official site for the best (mobile) wallets

I have only Bitcoin, where can I exchange?

For an updated list of trusted exchange services see Reddit Monero subreddit or Monero official site

Do you have any suggestions for a remote Monero node?

Sure, you can connect to the backtestking node

Port: 18081